is back in TwentyTen/Zen, and revisiting TwentyNine

Hey there stranger! Long time no see!  This is no ones fault but my own, its not you, its me....


I haven't posted in a long time, and thats not because I haven't thought about blogging.  I do, a lot.  I actually forgot to post my Thanksgiving/Christmas blog, or thought that I had rather.  I let Google analytics get me down.  I thought no one liked me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms, or not.  I suppose I can save it and post it next year, and think of it as being super pro-active. I also no longer have internet at my house, which is where I tended to do most of my blogging from comfort, but I have just discovered how to blog from my iPhone, so no more excuses there!

There has been a lot of thought given as to what makes something "blog worthy."  And it has been concluded that the answer is simply......anything!  Its my blog and I'll cry if I want to...I don't want to. 

The subject of synchronicity has been on my mind a fair amount lately, and how it seems to play out in my life.   I guess that its one of those things, that only if your aware of the possibility of synchronicity can you see how it affects your life over and over again.  If you know me at all, you know that things happen to me that leave jaws dropped, or gets me a chorus of "Only you, Cole...only you."   Over the course of time, I have learned to accept these things, good, bad or ugly.  This acceptance comes easily, especially in the last few years since I decided to look at life differently, because I know that no matter what is in front of me, it is there for a reason whether I care to realize at the present moment or not.  It is what it is because that is all it can be.   Simple enough, right?

I urge you to take a few moments, and think about the worst thing that happened to you last year....I know this sucks, but the good stuff is coming, I promise.    Ok, now, think of 5, or 10 if your feelin froggy, things that happened to you that were a-freakin-mazing, that could not have happened if that bad thing never occurred.......  see where I'm going with this?   If you can't think of 5 things that are good, your not holding your tongue right ;)

This time last year I was in a pretty deep funk.  I was getting used to being back home, questioning myself and my path a lot.  I was happy to be home, seeing my family and friends everyday, but something didn't feel right.

Starting with a crappy New Year's eve, 2009 didn't look so hot.  And seemed to snowball with crappiness through most of the year.  It felt like, every which way I turned there was a wall, or someone was throwing marbles in my proverbial path.  But I made a decision about my life, I choose to look for the good in everything and everyone.  Not once, did I come up empty handed.

I will say that finding had a definite hand in this optimal focus.  I have spoke of their Humanifesto before, and if you haven't read it, you should!  I started this blog because of their encouragement, specifically, the encouragement I recieved from the founder, Jackson Nash.  What a great dude! As I was trying to figure out where to let this blog take me, and knew I was dragging my feet, like a fairy god fella, Jackson sent me an email with the most encouraging words for me to replay in my mind over and over.  His email read:
"Dear Cole,
Keep up that posting! I love Cole's Kind Souls. Don't let it wither, chica! You can do it.  You are an artist and a leader, and the world needs your brilliance right now. Much love and aloha to you, Jackson"

Gah! That was the nicest, most flattering kick in the ass I've ever had the pleasure of receiving!  The old me would have said "Oh, geez, that's nice, but my blog isn't all that important."  New me says, "Wow, thanks for the cold water in the face, back to work!" 

Previously, we've talked about how sometimes its difficult to keep your eye on the prize, to remain aware that everything you need is right there in front of you, that abundance is the place in which I live and love.  And in regards to how 2009 started, well, January-June was rough, but July-December brought it all full circle.  I know that everything that seemed negative and awful, was really a blessing in disguise, and served to make the obvious blessing seem that much more obvious.

Synchronicity, optimism, self-love, and love for all people and living things used to be something that would cross my mind from time to time.  Now, they are part of my every thought and action.  I have freed myself to be exactly what I am, knowing and having faith that there is something much larger than myself steerin this ship, and it will always pull to the right ports at the right times, and the right "willie's with their wares" will be there patiently anticipating my arrival. No worries! In 2010, I resovle to keep resovling! Love and abundance to you all, and then some :) (clicking this last link has been scientifically proven to be good for your heart and soul!)


The Kind Ones