What were you born to do?

Why am I here? What purpose to I serve to this world? What was I born to do?

I have found myself asking these questions frequently with a much more serious undertone than in the past. In dire financial times, I often wonder if there are room for dreams. I know what I would love to be doing in my "imaginary, nothing can stand in my way, handed to me on a silver platter" kind of world. I would be paid a grotesque amount of money to hang out with my family and friends whilst creating beautiful awe inspiring art and music on some tropical location where it never rains and food and drink flow freely. This scenario is a far cry from what is actually feasible in my "deal with what you've been dealt" world. I suppose it is not impossible to attain my ideal situation, minus the no rain part...

I have found in the past that when I set my goals on something, during the course of striving for a particular goal, new, equally as exciting and worthwhile goals show their pretty faces to me. It would be fair to say that the perpetual quest for happiness is ever changing.

It takes guts and determination. It takes time. It takes ideas. It takes motivation. It takes desperation, and endless amounts of other -ations'...

I am reminded how quickly dreams can be realized by the story of Paul Potts. Some of you will remember him as the first winner on Britain's Got Talent. Potts was a customer service representative at a cell phone company in Wales, who always wanted to be an opera singer. Potts is your average guy at first glance, and then he sings and something incredible happens. He literally changed his life by the toss of a coin, and the music world, and the world at large, should be eternally grateful. (You can read more about Paul at his website: http://www.sonymusic.co.uk/artists.php/paul_potts and watch his amazing audition here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k08yxu57NA&feature=player_embedded

This also begs the question of how many times have you been standing next to, talking with, ignoring, or passing by someone who is at their worst absolutely incredible??? We often only get snippets of one another, condensed versions, and sometimes the best parts get left out, so writing someone off too quickly could be detrimental to your experience on this great earth.

It could be observed that dreams are sort of a mathematical equation in the sense that if your dreams are greater than your worst fears, than your reality must be in the median somewhere, and therefore, if you dream bigger, and fear less, your reality will be much closer to your dreams....at least this is how it works in my big head.


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lovely post :-) really enjoyed it

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