Friday Night Lite

Salutations folks! It has been quite some time since my last post, and I am glad to finally have a chance to sit down and pool my meandering thoughts into a new post.  I have been crazy busy, which is a wonderful thing. I started a new  job, and so far, I think its great!  Its as though I can finally see some land on the horizon.

I am still practicing on becoming more optimistic, slow and steady wins the race, right?  I am sure that  most of you have heard that this economic recession we have experienced has caused a shift in the karmic realm.  The recession has forced us to take stock of what is most important to us on a daily basis, even minute to minute.  Everyone is trying to cut out things that are unnecessary, both materially and spiritually. We are no longer satisfied living in superficial circumstance, being accustom to a kushy lifestyle is much more socially unacceptable than ever before. Excess is frowned upon.  Rationing is cool.

There are a million sources willing and able to show you and everybody else how to make your life more efficient, more love filled, happier, healthier, greener, and wiser. For example, my top pick is SuperForest, or try The Positivity Blog, or maybe hit up Dr. Wayne Dyer for a daily affirmation, or how about tweet your gratitude to the world at large at @iamgrateful4....endless I tell you!  Why would anyone choose to ignore the obvious, that we are in control of our destiny?!?  Wallow around in the mud, and complain about the smell if you want to....I'm going to smile and thank mother nature for a kick ass facial :)

I have a ton of things getting ready to go down, and I can wait to share with you all!  Many more posts and pictures to come!


The Kind Ones